Fraud Summit

FRAUD SUMMIT 2021, EP.5: ANTI-FRAUD Measures and Solutions

Panel number 5 brought to the stage of FRAUD SUMMIT, the largest event in our country dedicated to the fraudulent phenomenon and anti-fraud investigations, two specialists whose expertise constantly helps to identify and combat illicit acts: Dan Rusu and Nicolae Bîrlă.

DAN RUSU is the President of WAD, World Association of Detectives, a global alliance of investigators and security professionals and the oldest such association in the world, whose origins date back to 1921.

NICOLAE BÎRLĂ is a reserve colonel, a former judicial police officer in certain structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, licensed in Legal Sciences, and who has specializations in criminal sciences, social reintegration and supervision. With more than 27 years of experience, Nicolae is an expert in preventing and combating corruption, protecting whistleblowers, managing relations between anti-corruption structures and the media and anti-corruption policies.

The two specialists discuss with Marian Hurducaș, the host of the event, in the panel entitled ANTI-FRAUD Measures and Solutions, about:

• the way in which Romania is perceived worldwide, in the field of private investigations;

• World Detectives Association, WAD, and its role;

• what is fraud and what are its peculiarities;

• the role of integrity in combating fraud;

• types of fraud;

• fraud prevention measures;

• how to raise fraud awareness within the organization.

Technological advancement is a topic of interest for both fraudsters and private investigators, who are constantly updating their personal and professional skills and the technology they use.

The first edition of FRAUD SUMMIT was organized with the support of act Botezatu Estrade Partners as Main Partner, together with wall-street.ro and Kiss FM, Media Partners. If you want a business immune to fraud, write to us at contact@spiaromania.com.

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