Fraud Summit


The insurance industry is among those most exposed to fraud risks, with largest number of incidents occurring in car insurance.

FRAUD SUMMIT’s fourth panel, which addressed the issue of insurance fraud, brought on stange, both physically and via Zoom, Melania Korner and Florin Tătaru.

MELANIA KORNER is the Damages Director of Imperial Claims and a Green Card correspondent for Romania. With more than 20 years of experience in the insurance field, extensive knowledge and expertise gained through hundreds of processed cases, Melania Körner is an expert in several industry branches, from damages to Green Card (goods and people), auto and non-auto investigations, to file opening/damage approval, formulation of the criminal complaint and damages and/or the external instrumentation costs recovery from the perpetrator.

FLORIN TĂTARU is a Car Insurance Specialist at UNSAR, having 18 years of experience in the field of insurance, out of which 5 years in underwriting car insurance, holding the position of Head of Car Insurance Office and 12 years in total damage management, regression and partner network, holding the position of Chief of Staff. He joined the UNSAR team in September 2020, after working for GENERALI Romania in recent years.

Insurance is a safety net for both companies and individuals, said the UNSAR representative, while Melania Korner drew our attention to possible imbalances, with the help of figures:

• 69,649 people represented the insurance sales force in 2020.

• 1,500 people were involved in the activities of finding & liquidating damages and anti-fraud.

• In January 2021 there were 667 certified damage specialists, compared to 992 in 2018.

• In 2019, more than 350,000 damage cases were approved.

In addition, by watching the episode below, you will find out:

– What does the Romanian insurance market look like, according to the latest ASF reports, from the number of policies concluded to the value of granted compensations.

– What does the domino effect of fraud look like in the insurance industry?

– What insurance fraud looks like at European level in 2017.

– What the Green Card means and how this type of insurance works.

– What are the public figures missing from the insurance reports in Romania.

– What is the share of damage files with suspected fraud and how many of them are rejected.

– What is the amount of compensation paid in cases of suspected fraud.

– How do we identify the suspected fraud case.

– How to prove and fight car insurance fraud.

– What is the role of private investigators?

Insurance fraud methods do not surprise with innovation, but rather remain in the classic area of the criminal phenomenon. Fraud in this industry can be easily recognized, but difficult to prove.

The first edition of FRAUD SUMMIT was organized with the support of act Botezatu Estrade Partners as Main Partner, together with wall-street.ro and Kiss FM, Media Partners. If you want a fraud-free business, write to us at contact@spiaromania.com. Watch the full episode in audio and video format or on any of the platforms below:

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