Fraud Summit


Everything you need to know about the impact of fraud on the Romanian business environment: how to identify fraud, how to gather evidence, and how to prevent it from occurring.

Why an event dedicated to fraud?


The main goal of FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA is to raise awareness to the imminent risks of fraud, its consequences and to present existing solutions.

Fraud presents a real threat to every industry and sector, but it can be prevented, controlled, proven, and punished, while the prejudice can be recovered. The Romanian business world is largely unaware of investigative methods and tactics, antifraud techniques and tools, private investigations specialists and legislative framework.

We aim to change that! And the first step we can take together is to remove the negative perception of acknowledging the existence of fraud within a company. The more we talk about fraud, the closer we are to protecting the company’s interests and those of its stakeholders. From investigating fraud to finding solutions, from prevention to dismantling, from vague signals to patterns, from identification to damage recovery, FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA will address a wide range of topics, covering all aspects of corporate fraud investigation and prevention.

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Speakers for 2021 FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA

Roxana Hurducaș

Head of Marketing & Communication, SPIA

Dan Cîmpean

General Manager CERT-RO, National Cyber Security Incident Response Center

Amalia Gogoci

Managing Associate, act Botezatu Estrade Partners

Investigator privat sub acoperire


Melania Korner

Director at Daune Imperial Claims & Green Card correspondent for Romania

Adrian Șandru

Associate, act Botezatu Estrade Partners

Dan Rusu

World Association of Detectives President

Andrei Croitoru

Managing Associate, act Botezatu Estrade Partners

Ionuț Neacșu

IGPR Psychologist & Crisis Negotiator

Robert Whitaker

Chief Operation Officer, Blockchain Intelligence Group

Cătălin bogatu

Head of Investigations Unit, E.ON Romania

Nicoleta Mehlsen

Vice Președinte Asociația pentru Prevenirea și Combaterea Fraudelor România

Alex Bălan

Chief Security Researcher, Bitdefender

George Enescu

Head of Security Operations, Enel Romania

Adrian Dragomir

Founder Termene.ro and business adviser

Eugen Rusen

Cloud Solution Architect Security & Compliance, Microsoft CEE

Mihai Popa

Corporate Legal Department Director, E.ON Romania

Narcis Păvălașcu

Managing Partner PĂVĂLAȘCU Risk Consultants

Nicolae Bîrlă

Anti-Fraud Specialist, SPIA

Florin Tătaru

Auto Insurance Specialist, UNSAR

Teodora Stoian

Ministry of Justice Counselor

Laurențiu Mitrache

Banking Specialist

Ana-Maria Diceanu

Managing Director Brain 4 Strategy & President, Global Women in PR Romania

Mircea Căpățînă

Co-fondator & CMO SmartBill

Marian Hurducaș


FRAUD SUMMIT is an event organised by

As leader of the new generation of Romanian private investigators, SPIA aims to raise awareness regarding the impact of fraud, its consequences and existing preventive measures, both in the private sector and among the populace.

SPIA has a vast experience in private investigations and surveillance, both preventively, by immediately identifying the risk factors, as well as offensively, by effective intervention and dismantling of the identified illegal groups.

More than 80 team members, employees and collaborators from all over the country, with a high degree of specialisation and certification in terms of intelligence investigations and operational supervision, serve multinational companies in various fields, such as insurance, energy, agriculture, real estate and investment.

You can already register for FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA edition 2022. Leave us your details, and we will let you know in advance about the dates of the event.

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